Bovine Belly-Aching


I have been wrestling with this painting for months. Three cows on a canvas 5 feet wide and four feet tall.

What? You say you only see two cows? Well, look closely. You’ll see the ghost of number three there on the lower left hand corner.

They are a family. Mom, Bossy, is in the middle. The other two are sisters.  Maisie is on the right. Daisy is the ghost.

So far I’ve “killed” Daisy four times. Paint her. Hate her. Obliterate her.  Paint her again.  Hate her again.  Obliterate her again.  And so on…
Our garage has been a bloodbath. Whenever Bossy sees me approaching the canvas with my black paint loaded brush she trembles.  Meanwhile Maisie smirks.  Sibling rivalry being what it is, Maisie kind of likes Daisy meeting her demise on a regular basis.

I’m considering painting a tombstone onto the left side and calling it a day…”R.I.P. Daisy.”

I paint in the garage, thereby rendering half the space unavailable.  Jim has been enormously patient with my plodding pace. He buys into my lies that, “Art can’t be rushed.” Tee Hee. My bad.

This huge painting is destined for our kitchen wall.  The fact that I’ve not finished the painting is GOOD BECAUSE when I finally do complete the girls, we will enjoy them all the more for having waited. Yup. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Now, all you peeps go have a very good nice fun filled and possibly cow filled day.

Time to manifest a shower. 🙂