Writing Letters is fun. Getting responses is even funner. (And yes, funner is too a word.)


I have always loved writing letters. There is something enchanting about the journey of posted mail.  It leaves my mailbox, travels miles and miles and (hopefully) brings a smile to the recipient.  Who doesn’t enjoy opening the mailbox and finding something other than bills and flyers?

I started dropping mail into the box at a very young age. I was seven when Alaska became a state.  I figured the government might have trouble fitting another star onto the flag, so using red and blue crayons I designed a new forty-nine star flag. I was rewarded for my efforts when  Delaware Congressman Harry Haskell sent me a letter thanking me, along with a forty-eight star flag that had flown over the Capital of the United States.   I still have both the flag and the letter.  In college I planned to cut the flag up for an art project.  Fortunately my mother freaked out and wouldn’t allow it.


For a while I had a Japanese pen-pal named Eri Yamamoto.   We corresponded on onion skin thin blue airmail paper.

When the Kennedy’s moved into the White House, I designed dresses for Caroline.  I was nine years old and certain Jackie would have those designs sewn up whereupon I’d see Caroline on T.V wearing my frocks.  In return I got a very nice thank you from Jacqueline Kennedy.  I imagine it was written by a secretary, but I treasured that letter.  Somewhere along the way it got lost.

In Junior High School Ruthie and I took to writing letters to food companies.  We got samples back in the mail.  I clearly remember a box from Hershey Candy company.  There was, among other things, a small can of Hershey’s syrup.

Now I regularly pen small notes and postcards to family and friends.  Every once and again I even get mail back!  Which makes me so happy.  I work hard on visualizing getting “real” mail.  The other day I manifested both a letter AND a postcard!

If you want real mail, drop me your address and I’ll put you on my mailing list.  Perhaps together we’ll manifest some actual letters in YOUR mailbox!  Whooo Hoooo!

An Update–/Ruthie from Junior High read this post, sent me her address.  I wrote to her and she mailed a nice two page letter back, filled with fun memories.     LMK if you want a letter too!  

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