Coffee makes life good

It wasn’t until age who-the-heck knows–somewhere after twenty-five and before sixty–that I embraced coffee.  Now I adore it!

But only iced with (shame on me) full-fat milk and stevia.  I pretend the stevia un-does the whole-milk damage.

Todays breakfast is in a wee teeny glass Jim stole from a bar in Hong Kong while on leave from Viet Nam.

I LOVE this little glass.  Jim maintains he swiped it just for me.  Since I am embracing the “manifest-your-future” thinking I pretend he knew I was–eventually–a part of his life.

It’s cute, right?  For a long time it lived in the garage holding pencils.  I only recently promoted it to kitchen favorite.

Only about five inches tall.  I wonder if the Imperial Hotel still exists  Project for today:  Figure out if that Hotel is still in business.                                                              Note to self: DO NOT MAKE A RESERVATION.  I’ve had enough visits to China to last a lifetime.  Visiting China was a wonderful life experience.  Happy to have done it. Happy to have it in my rear-view mirror.

I have to amend the “no go to China” thing.  I would LOVE seeing Jim Peng, Maple and Miss Gao again.  They were an enormous gift in my life.








7 thoughts on “Coffee makes life good”

  1. The Cubans drink sweet expression in mini shot cups. About one ounce – 100% caffeine and sugar – it’s a serious pick me up 👍🏻. I mix it with a slim fast chocolate drink …. for a mocha drink on ice

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  2. I only started drinking coffee about six or seven years ago (in my early 60s) and now it’s my go-to caffeine drink. Hot or cold with half & half and Splenda. It’s a constant conundrum as to which is less healthy: half & half or a regular Coke. Because I live them both!