A random funny memory

When my kids were little and Matt was losing teeth regularly, Mo was a bit jealous.  Matt got money under his pillow.  Mo got Nuthin’.

The Tooth Fairy was flying in and out weekly, carrying bags of change in her fairy backpack. Mo assumed there must be a fairy for every occasion.  Need a dog?  The dog Fairy would arrive.  In search of GI Joes?  GI Joe Fairy to the rescue.

One early evening Mo was seated on the toilet, swinging her sweet short legs, looking down and considering.  Suddenly she asked, “Mommy, when is the Penis Fairy going to bring my penis?”

This memory still makes me laugh.  Mo is now a mom.  She sends me regular photos of Tate, her darling 18-month-old son.  In no time at all, he will be asking her hilarious, unanswerable questions.

Dear Readers, If you have any cute kid memories, please share.