Counting Down the Days

We are counting down the days until our exciting road trip. Yesterday we went to the library and got piles of CD books. As always Jim wanted to get Stuart Woods Stone Barrington novels. We’ve listened to so many of those. Stone Barrington is a filthy rich attorney, private investigator, drop dead gorgeous New Yorker. Every two or three chapters Stone is in the feathers with one beautiful woman after another.  The only reason Stone makes the cut is the narrator does a great job reading the different characters.

Jim gathered about ten Stuart Woods novels and asked me to read the synopsis of each. I couldn’t guess if we’d heard them before. I vetoed all but two. Just now, I photographed the boxes of books only to find my rat-fink husband checked out seven, not two Stone Barrington romps.


Today we took a field trip to Joann’s Fabrics. I bought four skeins of yarn. While traveling I knit. It keeps me from paying attention to Jim’s (according to me aggressive/according to Jim competent reasonable) driving.

I then spent time organizing my big yellow Banana Republic knitting sack. I dumped everything onto the kitchen island and got fierce about tossing random stuff leftover from the past voyages. There were some soggy packages of gum, a few dead hearing aid batteries, one lone sock, and several pennies.  Plus loads of yarns I won’t need this trip.

This is the “before” photo.


Now everything is pristine, organized and ready to roll.

The “after” photo. It’s nice to start out organized.  By September this order will be chaos again.

On our last road trip, I completed one scarf and almost finished a second. I will be done this one within our first two days. It just needs a few more patches, some buttons, and a bumblebee.


I love collecting scads of buttons.  It’s a sickness.  Last summer I found a vintage junk store and scooped up dozens.


Then I’ll move on to my next color scheme and create a scarf for our new friend, Melinda.  JR, our buddy who dates her, told me what colors she would like, but naturally, I forgot. I think blue was among them.



If she hates it, she can pass it along to someone else.

While I was in the air conditioning cleaning my craft bag, poor Jim spent an hour in the hot sun cleaning goo off of Gracie’s leather seat. Gracie is my Honda Odyssey. The chair gets unbearably hot in the Florida sun, so I tossed a clean bathroom rug onto the seat. It prevents rump burn.

Little did I know the rubberized non-slip coating would melt onto the leather. Oops. But Gracie’s all cleaned up now and has a safe un-sticky towel to protect the leather from the sun.  And my butt from the heat.

Tomorrow our “service” dog gets groomed. And all the stupid romance novels I dragged home a couple of days ago get returned to the library.  I managed to get through only one. The Last Debutante. By the end heroine, Daria was no longer a debutante or a virgin.

Waco, Dallas, Kansas City and Chicago–we’re on the way! Whooo Hoooo!

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