Mail, Glorious Mail. or in my case not so much…

When the mail-lady rolls up to our box, Bronson alerts me with a joyful bark. Together we hurry down the driveway. While Bdog lifts his leg on the post, I open the letter-box excited to get real mail.

Which almost never happens.

Here is what we got today. Two bits of junk mail and two Ballard Design catalogs. I rarely purchase anything from Ballard. Why they felt I need duplicate books is puzzling.


I post a card or letter five days a week. Sometimes multiples. I do this because I think everyone enjoys getting “real” mail. But hardly anyone enjoys creating “real” mail.

I also love buying stamps. These are my most recent purchases. Who wouldn’t be happy getting a letter with a Cruella DeVille stamp?
The Celebrate stamps are only for birthday cards, or perhaps retirement notes. The shells are for postcards.


I wrote another blog post about my love of mail and High School friend Ruthie sent me an actual letter! I was thrilled. If I knew how to do a back flip, I would have. Truthfully I cannot imagine having the courage to leap head over heels into the air. Or hurl my body toward the ground to catch a baseball. Both my kids are comfortable risking broken bones for sports. Mom, never.

But I digress. We were talking mail. Some days I get magazines. For a year I have subscribed to People. Getting that delivered to the house wrecked doctors waiting rooms and grocery store lines. The upside of a long line at the Piggley Wiggley used to be reading People. Now I’m reduced to The Enquirer. Fortunately, my People subscription is about to run out.

Speaking of the mail, I have to stop it for a full month. (Road Trip!) Maybe, just possibly, when we get back to Florida in September I will have piles of cards, letters and perchance even a present or two. A girl can dream.

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