Conroe, Texas. The adventure continues.

It’s 7 a.m. I must be where? Sleep still fogging my brain. Please wait while I swill a second cup of coffee.

Coffee quaffed, memory restored. I am sitting in the Conroe, Texas La Quinta dining room. Fellow diners include blue-shirt-guy. He chose to sit in the corner of an eight person high-top dining table. Best view of TV probably the reason. He’s about sixty, slim and eating a sliced banana.

The other person sharing this dining area is a stocky fellow. He picked a table placing his back to the television. But, like Linda Blair in true Exorcist fashion, he keeps spinning his head on his neck to look at the TV.  I wonder why he doesn’t move to the other side of his table.

Blue shirt just made a move. Filled a glass with juice. New person entered the scene and is chatting with Exorcist-man.

I woke at 7. Bronson sensed it and said, “Let’s go walk around.” So we did.

I was hopeful the morning Nazi would sleep late. We only have a 2.5-hour drive today. At home, that old man can snooze until 11 a.m. On the road, he bolts out of bed eager to hit the road.  But he crawled outta’ the feathers just as I dropped the dog off and was sneaking out the door.  I thought I was stealthy.   Stealth is difficult to judge when you’re deaf.  Note to self: Put in hearing aids next time I go on a covert mission.

Last night we had a nice dinner at Red Brick Tavern. There was a large crowd in spite of the rest of Conroe’s downtown being fast asleep.



Exorcist-guy is a bouncer. He keeps jiggling his right leg up and down. I can see it out of the corner of my right eye. Vigorous leg bouncing is a pet peeve. My options are as follows: Walk over to his table and scream, “Just stop with the damn leg bouncing!” or look the other way. Option two is probably smarter. I’ll try to position my self to take in the view to my left.

My view.  I failed to photograph “The Jiggler.”


View to my left.  Jiggler can no longer drive me bat-shit nuts.
Sigh…Gluten laden delights off limits for me.  But happily there are eggs.

Uh, Oh…the “time-to-go-Nazi” just strolled into the dining room. Did he trust Bronson to stay in the room? I keep glancing to my right watching for the animal to come rolling in.  The Jiggler-Exorcist-Guy is done so I’m free to look right again.

Last night at the Red Brick Tavern there were several guests seated at the bar. A woman, back to us, had pretty shiny long brown hair. Jim wondered if her face was as lovely as her hair. I suggested he be a spy, take a photo. The spying fell to me.

The lady in the glasses was my spy target.  Jim clearly enjoys seeing me skulk about on secret mission.

Other views from the dining experience are as follows.  I’d add more info, but Hitler awaits.


The “service” dog, taking in the sights.  Maybe he’s wondering if shiny-hair-woman is pretty.
sweet centerpiece
Jim’s meal.  I had fish tacos.
Live music about to begin.  Always so much better than dead music, don’t you think?

Time for eggs, then outta’ here before The Nazi scoops me up.  He said, “Take your time.” but that freedom won’t last long.  I still need to eat and apply war paint.  Next stop WACO!