Las Vegas

Such a horrifying tragedy. When is our government going to do something about gun control? There are those who suggest that evil people will always find ways to purchase guns. Possibly. But maybe fewer would locate firearms if lawmakers made it more difficult.  And why does the law allow for one person to purchase an arsenal?

I believed after Sandy Hook things would doubtless change. But no.  All those innocent children mowed down. Disconsolate families left to mourn for a lifetime.

It’s unfathomable.

What madness causes a human being to pick up a semi-automatic weapon and open fire on his fellow man? Why does anyone need to own a semi-automatic weapon? That is an honest question. If someone can give me a reasonable answer, I’d be interested to hear it.

I pray for the families whose lives are forever changed. Their loved ones went out to enjoy an evening of relaxation, music, interaction with friends. Then, in a moment of chaos, everything became tragic.

It’s soul-crushing.