Surgery…And that’s Good Because.

I’m having cataract surgery. Left eye tomorrow, right eye the following week. This means no eye makeup for several weeks. Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass positive thinking suggestion is to take a situation you don’t like and making it affirmative by adding, “and that’s good because” after the sentence.

In this case, “I can’t wear eye makeup for over two weeks, and that’s good because I’ll hunker down and read some really good books.”

I have been wearing eye makeup since tenth grade. Each morning I sat at the kitchen table, opened my little white leatherette box with the mirror in the lid, and there in the northern light I applied my war-paint.

When the task was complete mom would say, “Now you need to sign your chin.” Then she’d try to coax me into eating breakfast. I was a terribly picky eater. She would often make me “egg-nog”, which was essentially a chocolate milkshake with a raw egg beaten in. Yes, I was allowed ice cream for breakfast. Yes, I was spoiled.

Ha, another memory of her spoiling us.  When we were younger each morning she would extract the comic page from the newspaper and carefully cut it in half.  The top section had Dick Tracy.  Marilyn liked that part.  On the bottom half was Little Lulu, my favorite.  In retrospect, she probably did that to keep the peace.  Then she could drink her coffee and smoke her Kent without us bickering.

We were both always avid readers.  Her friends thought mom made a mistake allowing us to read comic books, but she figured, “They are reading.  Let them read what they love and they will read for a lifetime.”

In hopes of finding good new books, I checked out Then, list in hand, I headed to our local library. It’s small, but they had four of the ones I was hoping to find.

I began Mitchner’s The Novel this morning, but now intend to put it aside in favor of these. Three out of four are due back in two weeks.  Think I’ll start with Emily Culliton’s The Misfortune of Marion Palm.  


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