Surgery #2 And a Poem

Today is my second cataract surgery.  Which means two more weeks without makeup.  I’ve worn eye makeup since tenth grade.  I had some idea I’d hide in the house during this faceless period.  Hasn’t happened.  I’m surprised to find being faceless is liberating.

I once wrote a poem.  I put it on Facebook.  It was cute then but now it’s apt.

Personal grooming is time-consuming.  Being slobby is a better hobby.

C’est vrai.  (wow! Suddenly I’m bilingual)   I’ve saved a considerable amount of time this past week by not smearing on foundation, brushing on eyeshadow, stroking on mascara.  So will I make this my new normal?  NOT A CHANCE.

In other news, I’m cheating on the book club.  Our required book is Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.  I began reading but found there were way too many characters for my addled old brain to remember.  Fellow book clubber told me I could find the movie on youtube.  Therefore my missions for today are three-fold:

  1. Watch a movie
  2. Have cataract surgery
  3. Force my husband to take me to dinner because cooking after surgery is wrong.

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