What I Like About Me

I’ve had a song stuck in my head. “What I like about you, you really know how to dance…” Those are the only lyrics I remember.

I began thinking about how infrequently most humanoids consider what they like about themselves. I guess it seems narcissistic to gaze deeply at the wonders of you.

I spent years not liking myself. High School was the worst. I suspect most High Schoolers are insecure.

But now I’m sixty-five, and dammit, I like me. Sure, it took a lot of therapy, but I got there.

I’m diving in and writing my little personal song. The title, “What I like about me.”
Below is a list. These aren’t in any particular order. In fact, upon re-reading, I realize the biggest most important things are kind of far down on the account.

1) I’m courageous. Nope, not in the jumping out of airplanes kind of way. More in the embracing new challenges and growing with change way.  I lived with fear and trepidation for many years.  No more.

2) I have red hair. I didn’t like that as a kid. Being different isn’t fun when you’re a child. I wanted blond. And tan. I had red and white. But now, I love it. My red hair has faded, so I help it along every three months or so. I was reluctant to do that thinking then I’ll be a “fake” redhead. Which friend Richie has called me for years. I’ve threatened to prove it to him. He shudders at the thought.

3) I bake great cookies.

4) I make excellent apologies. I screw up. I’m human. I’ve learned to prostrate myself, beg forgiveness and never add the word “but” when making amends. Everything after the “but” is the truth.

5) I’m a compliant patient. Follow doctor’s orders.

6) I’m an artist. What’s great about being artsy is you get a hall pass on being wacky.

7) I’m a bit nuts. We are all wacky, but I’ve learned to embrace my crazy.

8) I’ve learned how to cook.

9) And this should have been at the top of the list, but I’m unwilling to go back and change all the numbers. I have two children I love with all my heart. They are self-sufficient. They know how to give and receive love. One is a spectacular creative mother. They share things with me. They trust me with their truth.

10) Speaking of kids, I have two smart kind step-children.
One of those step-children brought two sweet step-grandchildren into my life.

11) My husband! What a gift he is. I like and love this man. Again, this should have been top of the list.

12) I am delighted to reinvent myself every few years. Occasionally every few days.

13) I have a stellar son-in-law. He’s a reader. I like readers. He is smart, funny, and kind to his mother-in-law. And along with him comes a terrific extended family.

14) I have rock star buddies. Not one toxic person in the group.

15) We are parents to the best dog in the world. Bronson the wonder-pet.

16) AND–drum roll please–I have Tate. My beloved grandson. He lights up my world. One of these days I will write a picture book for him.


17) I can do Photoshop.

18) I have a superb extended family.

19) I live in Florida. Fabulous in the winter. Not so much in the summer, but then we take long fascinating road trips and escape the heat.  I like that we travel.

20) There’s lots more. But I’ll end with one biggie–what I like about me is that I’ve learned to like me. I highly recommend it.

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