Christmas is coming, and I’m back!

Over a year ago, when we moved to our wee-teeny condominium, we found storage space was limited at best.  Therefore I purged our colorful gift wrapping lovelies in favor of Home Depot brown paper rolls–the sort used by workmen to keep dirt off the floor.

Practical, yes.

Pretty? Not so much.

I’m hoping the Costco ribbon makes up for the ho hum paper.


Since I was wrapping piles of presents and doing so much of the heavy lifting, I begged Jim to put up and trim the tree.

He grudgingly took the elevator down twenty floors, unlocked our vast forty inch by forty inch storage cage, unearthed all of our holiday decor and lugged it back upstairs.  He finished trimming the tree and now the poor little old elf is “spent” (Jim’s word for exhaustion.)

We plan to pile our grandson Tate’s gifts beneath this enormous tree.  I hope the poor child will be able to find them.  They may be dwarfed by the giant, flocked, ornament laden branches.


Hope your holidays are happy and that 2020 brings all good things to you and  yours.

As for me, I look forward to dusting off the keyboard and resurrecting my much neglected blog.  Yay!