Trump Tests Positive

When you play with fire, you get burned. Foolishly, Donald Trump has played with corona-fire since the pandemic began. I suppose it was inevitable he would contract the virus.

My daughter, a Chicago Covid19 unit nurse, is not a Trump fan. Yet she has seen enough COVID death to unequivocally state she wouldn’t wish it on anyone…even Donald Trump.

I have mixed feelings about that. Trump has blood on his hands. Blood from the many cruel choices he has made. The travesty at the border is shameful enough to indict him. Children separated from their families? Unconscionable. That reprehensible situation never would have occurred if Trump hadn’t enforced his ugly policies.

Further, how many lives could have been saved if Trump had been willing to follow the science and encourage his base to do so as well? Perhaps Trump’s legion of supporters will finally realize PPE is critical to staying healthy and keeping those in their circle well.

Wear the masks. Social distance. Wash your hands. Don’t play with fire.

And pray that those unwilling to be cautious will finally sit up and take notice.

(Are you listening, Governor DeSantis?)