First Tooth Fairy Visit!

Tate, our darling grandson, lost his very first tooth this week. On a banana. Which is hardly a jaw-breaker. That wee baby tooth must have been very loose.

How much did the tooth fairy bring when you were a kid? I remember a handful of change. Perhaps on a really good, clean, no cavities tooth maybe fifty cents?

Dig this!

Five dollars! My gosh, now that I know the fairy has raised her rates I intend to start yanking my teeth out on a regular basis. Mine are vintage teeth. That should be worth enormous money.

After I pull all of mine, I’ll start on Jim’s. Yes, we’ll be eating applesauce in our dotage. But we’ll be able to afford really GOOD applesauce.

As a “Happy-first-tooth-loss” gift we sent him “Red Coat”, the plaque disclosing tablets. They turn your teeth pink and reveal any places you’ve missed brushing. Mo said he’s never been more excited to scrub his pearly whites! Pink tongue, clean teeth!