I loathe yard work. The great news about condo living? NO YARD to mess with. There are some green spaces down below, but happily, we are strictly forbidden from digging around in them.

I do, however, enjoy playing with house plants. My years working at Exit on Main Street taught me lots about it. Spider plants were a big deal in those days. My interest in houseplants waned after having human babies. Prior to that, I was all about feeding, misting, clipping, and even talking to my little green children. They seemed to enjoy the attention, and, unlike the actual kids, rarely talked back.

Here, in our wee teeny 1465 square foot condo, there isn’t room for a greenhouse. The building across the way has one condo that transformed a bedroom into a greenhouse. That would be my ideal gardening option.

No heat. No sweat. No bugs. No sunburn.

My current plant children are five jades, one christmas cactus, one snake plant and one orchid. The orchid and largest jade plant belong to my neighbor who escaped Florida summer to go to their other home in New Hampshire.

When she brought her plants over I asked if I could trim them some. She gave me her blessing. I’ve had fun propagating bits and pieces from my four little plants and donating them to hers.

Here are my babies.

Propagating jade plants is fun and easy. Just cut off pieces, let them sit long enough to form a callous, then jam them into the soil along with bigger plants. I sent grandson, Tate, a bunch of jade leaves, now he has the beginnings of his own plant! Yay Tate
The tiny leaves are growing where I have cut off sections. Trimming forces the plant to branch. Jim came to the marriage with an enormous old jade that he babied for years, as well as several orchids. His interest in feeding and nurturing plants left me wondering if he was bisexual. Which woulda’ been okay, but he’s not. I know this because I had my excellent therapist, Robin, check him out.
Poor long-suffering Jim.

You’ll notice the plant above has four pencil lines on the pot. I rotate these kids. Each one gets a week in the living room window before being banished to my chippy old office desk, which in a past life was a dining table. The desk ones live in an old wooden toolbox my husband brought to the marriage.

This girl was recently put into this larger pot. My former neighbor, Lynda, started her for me several years ago.. She blooms every November. Half pink, half white. I clip her regularly and she eagerly branches.

The succulents get fed a special cactus/succulent food every couple of weeks. This will only happen once more before winter. Then they have to starve. (I should try that…)

Jim teases me because Saturday is my favorite day. It’s “water the succulents” day! I’m trying not to pinch and snip at these for a few weeks. It takes huge self-discipline. Jim’s favorite day is Sunday when he watches Meet the Press and Face the Nation. I need to leave the room for those shows. Some of the realities of American politics are hard for me to stomach.

This photo will give you an idea of where my political heart lies.

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