Great discounts for being sixty-five. Who knew?

Being sixty-five is good because I now get Medicare, who doesn’t like to save at the Doctors office?
Geriatric stuff will soon be advertised on my old people’s blog —Stuff like Cialis. I love that name “Cialis”.   cialis
In my brain, I spell it “See Alice.” tee hee.

Here is a list of great stuff for us oldies.

Discounted Memberships, Travel, Entertainment, and More: Numerous clubs, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and other organizations that begin their discount programs at 65 years old. Here is a very short list of a few.
· Boston Market offers 10% off
I love Boston Market, particularly their chicken salad.   Boston market

· Taco Bell offers 5% off and/or a free beverage  taco bell

· Rite Aid offers a 25% discount on the first Wednesday of each month I don’t think we have Rite Aid here in Q-tip country. (We Floridians are called Q-tips because to the drivers behind us we look like little fluffy white blobs, our heads barely above the head rest.)

· Alaska Airlines offer 10% off

· American Airlines offers several discounts

· InterContinental Hotels Group offers various discounts

· Southwest Airlines offers many discounts

· United Airlines offers numerous discounts
(I had no idea! We always fly United. Hopefully, the discounts include terrific things like money and sparkly stuff.)

· U.S. Airways offers varied discounts

The next few are blah blah blah saving…..If they help you, yay you…As for me, shrug and fuggedaboutit.· Carmike Cinemas offers 35% off

· AT&T offers their special Senior Nation 200 Plan for $29.99 a month

· Verizon Wireless offers their Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan for $29.99 a month
· AARP Membership Discounts – Membership is only $16 a year and worth it for the discounts, you can get.

Okee Dokee all you big money advertising folk—time to find my blog and make me rich and famous. I know you will. It’s just a matter of time.