Travel Journaling

I pulled out my journal in anticipation of our road trip. My memory is sketchy at best, so when we travel, I jot down our daily experiences.

Journals must be Moleskine, preferably unlined, size 5″ by 8″. They have an elastic band holding them closed and an envelope inside the back cover. I store random ticket stubs, receipts, and postcards there.


Sometimes I scribble little drawings to jog my mind. Occasionally I ask Jim to write from his point of view. Odd how we can share the same experiences but he often sees them differently.

Hard to believe I’m a professional artist!


We always stay at La Quinta because they take dogs.  FDR’s Little White House was a fun tour.


Jim, whose memory isn’t too great, somehow never forgets anything about vacations. Still, he enjoys it when I pull out an old journal and read to him. Guess he likes hearing about things from my perspective.

This time next week Bronson will be playing at Happy Hounds while Jim and I tour Chip and Joanna Gaines stomping grounds.

We watched a Fixer Upper “out-takes” show last night. Chip ate a roach and chewed up a snake-skin. I thought I’d toss my cookies. He’s kooky. I love that about him.

I like Joanna’s decorating, but sometimes she’s impractical. For example, she rarely puts upper cabinets next to bathroom sinks. Where do homeowners hide their toothbrushes, prescriptions, lotions, and potions?

And yet she’s built a design empire.  So what do I know?

She never includes television sets. Apparently, she and Chip don’t have TV in their home. For the first year after leaving my marriage, I lived without television. It was peaceful. I got lots done in the evenings.

When we were dating Jim’s next door neighbors watched TV endlessly. We mocked them, calling them the “TV people.” Now we’ve become them. Our latest Netflix binge watch is Madame Secretary. I wish we got HBO so we could take in Game of Thrones. But we’re too frugal to add more networks. We already have about thirty-six million choices.

Who among you, my six faithful followers, remember when there were only three channels? ABC, CBS, and NBC.  At a certain time of night, the last shot was of a waving flag as our National Anthem played. After that TV was over until morning.

I also remember rotary phones, no ATM’s, busy signals, and walking miles through snow and sleet with no shoes to get to school. (Maybe the last part is a lie.)

Now I’m rambling. I just drank a Red Bull.  My mind is racing. I should run errands, but the sky is darkening. There will soon be torrential rains. Time to drug the dog, otherwise he’ll drool all over our brand spanking clean floors.  Today was cleaning day.  Yay for that.