A Scary Halloween Image

I was digging through my art closet and stumbled across these drawings I did years ago. Just in time for Halloween.

There was a long period when I would draw pieces and parts, scan the drawings, drop them into Photoshop and manipulate the artwork. You see that little spider flying off standing Pumpkin Witches hat? That’s the same spider flying with her on her broom.

Somewhere in my big old computer, there is a treasure trove of similar drawings. I did fairies for a while. Fat fairies. How did they hold their tubby bodies aloft?  I remember one was named Peony duPigginpont.  She wore a yellow tutu and had flowers on her head.

A girlfriend, Judy, and I wrote a counting book called Monkey Ballet. I spent months coloring monkeys. Maybe tomorrow I’ll light up the ancient not Mac computer (I forget what it’s called) and see what else is living in there.

Now for your Halloween viewing pleasure, I present Pumpkin Witch and her green-eyed cat, Blackie.  Spooky, huh?



Aren’t these beauties graceful?