Coloring for Kelel

A couple of summer’s ago we meandered from Florida to Chicago, to Colorado.  There were several other stops as we circled back to Florida.  Jim and I finally got to meet our niece, Senait, and nephew, Kelel.

I adore this sweet face.


Look at those dimples!  So cute.


Kelel had heard I am an artist.  He asked me to create with him. I don’t remember what we drew, but I do recall enjoying spending time in his company.

Recently I got a text from Megan.  Kelel was hoping I’d draw a koala bear for him because “Aunt Alice is the best artist I know.”  That made me laugh.  How many artists am I being measured against?  How many could he possibly know?

He had a school project and he was determined to impress his teacher.  I contributed a couple of small pencil sketches.  He got an “A”, surely based on his hard work, not my drawings.

Megan texted me the good news, adding, “Kelel wants to call and thank you.”   I can’t hear. The phone is hard for me on a good day.  He speaks English beautifully, but talking to anyone with an accent is generally an exercise in frustration for both me and the caller.  I asked if he would please email, but he really wanted a phone interaction.  I relented.  I’m glad I did.  I understood every word he said.  He was so appreciative that I had done the koala bears.

He then asked me to do a couple more drawings.  He offered to pay me.  Sweet, huh?  I had an enjoyable afternoon coloring while watching to videos about the power of positive thinking.

The drawings were for his teacher.  A sea turtle and a moose.  I sent them off and learned the teacher was delighted.  Aren’t I lucky to be able to make someone happy just by coloring?



I’ve just been given another joyful opportunity to color.  A friend asked me to do a drawing of her new kitten.  I’ll settle in to do that on Tuesday while Jimmy is on the golf course.