Halloscream! Eeek

When we lived “up north” we got over six hundred Trick-or-Treaters at Halloween. Our street was burnt pumpkin smelling, over the top decorated, and so much fun.

Jim made three tombstones cut out of wood. I painted them.

Ibraka U. Fase
U. B. Kryin
N. Bleedin

It was fun to observe passers-by trying to sort out what they meant.
If you are too lazy to figure it out (I would be) here’s the deal.
“I break your face. You be crying and bleeding.”

We miss our Halloweens! In our new ‘hood we might get a handful of hobgoblins. But, the good news is our friends, Charki and Doug, moved to a wildly busy Halloween neighborhood in St. Petersburg. And they invite us, as well as our former Grove Avenue neighbors, to come there for dinner and spooky stuff.

Charki is arguably the most creative humanoid I’ve ever met. And Doug is onboard with helping put together her over-the-top plans. Plus he comes up with a dozen or so all by himself. Maybe he’s the second most creative person ever.

Check out these scary photos!


Doug cut all those “waves” out of wood and drilled them to a 2 by 4.


Charki made this!


We bought our squid hats last year.
Hiding behind the bathroom door. Horrifying.


All up and down the street neighbors hang pumpkins in the trees.



The best news is we are permanently invited!  Yay!  October 31st plans for a lifetime.