We arrived Wednesday. Lugged all our stuff up to our sixth-floor condo. This is our first condominium experience. It’s also our first Airbnb experience where the homeowner lives here full-time. She packed her bags and moved out for our two-week visit.  Her clothes are in the closets, food in the frig, toiletries in the bathroom. But the place is clean, and the location is excellent.

The view from our balcony.


Wednesday we had dinner with Mo (my daughter), her husband Stephen, and Tate the Great! Baby Tate has grown up so much. He is a cutie patootie.



Stephen grilled marinated skirt steak. It was delicious.  I’ll add it to our menu rotation when we get home. I should have photographed the food. But I was too busy snapping shots of my darling little grandson.

Mo and Stephen “sleep trained” Tate beautifully.  His pre-crib ritual consists of reading two books followed by Mom and Dad singing “twinkle twinkle little star.”  The child goes right to sleep without making a peep.



Today we meet friends Brookie and Earl for a tour of the Chicago History Museum. I’m sure on our walk there we’ll see jets. The Air and Water Show is this weekend.  Practicing planes have been zooming loudly overhead since we arrived.

Plans for tomorrow include Andersonville neighborhood and shopping for vintage buttons. That was to happen yesterday, but grocery shopping took precedence. Food trumped buttons? Go figure.

Other road trip experiences are as follows.  I still need to write about our cool visit to Liberty, Missouri.

JFK Assassination Tour


Waco. The Silos!

Waco. Day One.

Conroe, Texas. The adventure continues.

On the Road with Team Shepard